Quantity Surveying Course Online

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for quantity surveyors who want to brush up on their skills or learn about the latest methods and approaches in the industry. The course covers a wide range of topics, from the basics of quantity surveying to more advanced concepts such as risk management. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, this course will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to succeed in your career.

This course is designed for quantity surveyors who want to improve their skills and knowledge in the area of construction costs. The course will cover all aspects of construction costs, from estimating materials and labor costs to project management and contracting. The course will also provide an overview of the legal and regulatory framework governing construction projects. By the end of the course, participants will have a solid understanding of how to manage construction costs effectively.

Quantity Surveying Course

What You will get

The building and construction industry is predicted to be one of the strongest growth areas of employment over the next five years. There is no better time to start or advance your career in Quantity Surveying. 

The Starter Kit

USD 25
  • Instant access to 10+ mini courses
  • Access to more than 15 bonus courses
  • FREE Bluebeam trial
  • Downloadable templates and worksheets
  • How to THRIVE in construction
  • Guide to win your work

Civil Course

  • Demolition
  • Groundworks
  • Piling
  • Concrete
  • Formwork
  • Reinforcement
  • Prestressing
  • Precast concrete
  • Exterior Elements

Structural & Finishing

  • Tanking and Waterproof Membranes
  • Masonry
  • Stonework
  • Structural Steel
  • Metalwork
  • Roofing
  • Facade Systems
  • Windows
  • Glazing

First & Second Fix Construction

  • Carpentry
  • Partitions - All Types
  • Partitions - All Types
  • Access Floors
  • Doors
  • Hardware
  • Joinery

Internal Finishing

  • Applied Finishes
  • Render & Textured Finishes
  • Tiling, Slab & Paving
  • Carpet & Resilient Finishes
  • Painting
  • Furniture, Fittings & Equipment

Mechanical, Electrical & Piping

  • Hydraulics
  • Drainage
  • Electrical Installations
  • Mechanical Installations
  • Transportation Services

The Entire Quantity Surveying Course

  • The entire Quantity Surveying Course package to upskill your team of employees or develop you as a freelancing professional
  • Instant access to over 100 hours of learning material - Access to all above courses and more
  • LIVE group coaching calls
  • Daily Access to Alastair
  • Over $14,000 worth of learning materials and downloadable resources
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