Are You Ready to Thrive in the
Construction Industry?

I remember being new to Quantity Surveying.

I was presented with textbooks, terminology and case studies throughout my time at university, but we never priced a job. We weren’t involved in the process of real-life work. So when it came to job-specific skills, I failed to compete with those who had spent their 4 years in the job market. To make situations worse, my education cost a fortune.

Many quantity surveyors have similar introductions in to the construction scene, and this is disappointing for both freelancers who want to increase their tenders, as well as business owners that are tired of checking and critiquing low-quality work of their team.

That’s when it dawned on me that if I had invested my time in a professional coaching-style education, I would have been more prepared for the construction world, and this could be the same case for many people starting up in the industry or finding their feet.

I immediately got to work and started providing my employees with the best tool kit to prepare them for life as construction workers, and soon enough found myself on-boarding more and more new staff and watching them flourish with these learnings.

I have learned the importance of building relationships, ‘walking the talk’ and adding value to my work, and this is how we create a competitive advantage. Through my course, you will get access to years of experience and acquire skills that will skip you straight past the competition.

Quantity Surveying Course

Alastair Carey

Member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Quantity Surveyors.

I help you turn your interests into profitable and rewarding skills that you can use for the rest of your life.