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Alastair Carey

Member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors

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How To THRIVE in The Construction Industry in 10 Simple Steps!

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This Starter Kit is Your Tool Kit. Everything You Need to Know to Move Forward and Succeed in The Construction Industry!

Inside this Starter Kit you will find tutorials and tips, as well as practical examples and coaching advice, on all things Quantity Surveying! 



1. So... What is Quantity Surveying?

We introduce you to Quantity Surveying – done the right way. In this mini tutorial we define and discuss the roles of a Quantity Surveyor, and how to leverage the opportunities that will come your way

2. Understanding the Concepts

In this tutorial we go through the fundamentals of finding and measuring materials. The tools we discuss will provide you and your team with error-free results from now on! 

3. Let's Talk About Takeoffs...

Wondering how to actually perform a material and quantity takeoff? Or you have doubts on your current approach? Here we speak about the absolute best ways to present a takeoff to your next client 

quantity surveyor mistakes

Mistakes Quantity Surveyors Make!

We agree that “anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” – thanks Albert Einstein! In this short video we tell you what not to do, saving your precious time and money 

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Tips Tips and More Tips

We have action-packed this tutorial with advice from The Coach, from real-life experiences and how to excel in the Quantity Surveying workplace. From handling pressure, to working alongside subcontractors

All About Bill of Quantities

Step by step I give you the structure and skills to confidently present a Bill of Quantities to your next client. With templates and downloadable documents that will assist in all of your future projects…

Plus These Bonuses...

on screen takeoff course

LIVE On-Screen Takeoff

How to do a takeoff – LIVE on-screen. This will be your go-to guide towards providing succinct and quality takeoffs

quantity surveying software

How To Best Present Your Work

These templates will provide you with the ability and confidence to present your work to your clients, as well as establishing and maintaining business relationships

How To Handle Tight Deadlines

Deadlines are the “bane” of many people’s working lives, and a source of relentless and worrying pressure. I will teach you how to plan and take charge of your time

quantity surveying software programs

FREE Bluebeam Access

We have teamed up with Bluebeam to provide you with exclusive access to 1 month FREE with Bluebeam®  Revu® . We cover the basics, and start to dive deeper in to optomising the software platform

How To Win Every Job

Beat your competitors and don’t look back. In this video I teach you how to win your work, the methods to use to communicate with your clients, and how to make the biggest impact

Effective Cost Management Templates

In this video we will discuss effective cost management, and provide you with templates for Payment Application, Payment Tracker, Variations, Claims, Material Claims and more

Everything You Need to Know About Quantity Surveying